A trip to the seals.

There’s a harbor seal sanctuary near my house. It’s only about a mile away. To get there, you walk on the bluffs above the ocean. We went there a weekend or two ago, and saw some of the cute baby seals. All the mamas are having their babies right now. They’re pretty cute, and I got a great picture of one of the mamas snuzzling her baby.

Baby seals, people!

Also, a few photos of my own baby seal. Who is soon going to be taller than his mama (kiddo grew 1/2 an inch last month)…

2 thoughts on “A trip to the seals.

  1. Shauna

    You should probably have some sort of disclaimer like, “No baby seals were clubbed in the making of this blog entry.”

  2. sis in nc

    I have this mental image of Connor holding Leo as an infant and playing dress-up with Guy . It is hard to believe he is 12 soon. Wow the years are flying.

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