Monthly Archives: January 2009


I can’t remember if I mentioned this, but my sister and her two boys are staying with us while her husband is at basic training (Air Force reserves). Connor is so sweet with baby Leo. Her other boy Guy is 2 years old… and Connor and Guy have been having a great time together. It’s almost like he has a brother. They’re a LOT like brothers some of the time. Connor gets so annoyed – and I think it’s GREAT. It’s wonderful for him to have the experience of having another boy in the house – with all the fun, all the noise, all the excitement, all the messing around and annoying each other. Just like cousins are supposed to.

Grandpa’s Ski School.

On Friday, my dad invited Connor & me to go to Kirkwood. We had a GREAT time. Connor loved it. He’s getting SO GOOD, too. He’s going to be a great little skier. He skis all the way down the bunny hill by himself, and I had a hard time catching up with him to take pictures, he goes so fast (look at his coat flying out behind him).

The other thing I love about Grandpa’s Ski School… I get to go ski the whole mountain. (Yay!) I skied my first black diamond on Friday (the “Short Spoke” run at Kirkwood). It was groomed… and not all slopes are created equal. This was probably an easier black diamond than some others… but it still felt awesome.

La luna.

I went to Ikea today. I walked a lot, bought a lamp, ate some meatballs. When I got off the freeway on my way home, I turned the corner, and this is what I saw: