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Weekend Wandering: Horsetail Falls.

Also known as: The second week in a row we didn’t make it to the waterfall.

Although this weekend, at least we FOUND the waterfall. We just didn’t make it to the top like I thought we might. Due to a variety of technical difficulties, we had a late start, and due to some time constraints and shoe difficulties, we thought it wise to stop and sit with our feet in the pool rather than press on. And actually, I’m really happy with the way that worked out. I’ve been to the top of the falls several times – but I’ve never sat down in any of the the cool pools. We had roast beef sandwiches and pringles and enjoyed the hot sun and the icy cold water. It was a good hike.

The pool we sat in:

View from where I sat:

View from the other direction:

Later on that day, I had to drive to the airport and pick up Connor. It was good I had some time to enjoy the open air on the mountainside yesterday, because today has been difficult. Sigh.

Weekend Wandering: Double Feature.

I’ve done a couple of great day hikes in the past few weekends.  Mount Diablo near Walnut Creek, and Bassi Falls up off Highway 50 past Pollock Pines.

Round One:  Mount Diablo.  Connor did so well on the hike.  We hiked about two miles, roundtrip, with a nearly 1000-foot vertical gain.  It was a beautiful day – blue sky and breezy.  Lots of people driving around in their convertibles.  At the trailhead, we saw this little guy getting a drink out of the faucet.  Didn’t even flinch when we walked up to take a picture.  Animals that aren’t scared of people = slightly creepy.  (Still cute though.)

When we got to the top, we could see the whole valley. A little hazy – but still pretty cool.

Round Two: Bassi Falls. WHAT a FUN trip. Oh wow – we had a great time. We went with some friends, and Connor got to hike with the boys. He LOVED it.

It’s an amazing place. The water comes crashing out of the mountain, onto some enormous boulders, then filters down in streams and rivulets over a wide swath of flat granite and trees.

Origin of the falls:

View from the other direction:

Connor brought his Pokemon toys – and played in the little streams while the bigger kids climbed up to the top. Then the boys made little boats out of duct tape and pulled them along with strings in the water. It was great – almost like we borrowed some older brothers for him. Sometimes I feel like he’s missing out, not having siblings… but not this weekend. Nope. This weekend, he wasn’t missing anything at all.