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Date Night.


Last night I took W to This American Life, the live broadcast.  We had a less-than-fabulous-but-not-terrible burrito at Costa Vida, (where I got a caffeine-free diet Coke – W says they’re a company based in Utah).  I got the tickets last week, and I was going to surprise him, except Monday he somehow managed to figure it out, while he was in southern California.

Even though it didn’t end up being a surprise, the show was wonderful.  Funny, real, interesting (just like the radio show)… and we both agree that Ira Glass is cute.  I got too little sleep last night, and I shouldn’t even be writing this right now (I need to get Connor off to school and get myself to work)…  except that I’ve had all these ideas for blog posts, and I have written precisely zero of them in the past few weeks.  This bugs me.   So I write.