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My son, the basketball star.


So, despite my longstanding internal objections to organized sports, I decided to sign my kid up for community basketball. Funny, the things we do for our kids. And I have to say – watching a bunch of six-year-olds play “basketball” is AWESOME. Just the sheer quantity of rule violations in any given quarter is really amazing. Traveling? Check. Double dribble? Double check. Personal foul? Personal check. They’ve got it all. All that plus endless energy, only a dim understanding of what it is they’re actually supposed to be doing at any given time, and they’re just SO CUTE!

I have to say… I think it’s been really good for him. He’s having fun. And, completely random, he was lucky enough to get on a team with his best friend. Tomorrow is his last game. And I never thought I’d say this… but I can’t wait for next season.