There’s a homeless man in a wheelchair who has been outside of the McDonald’s for the past few days. He has a sign that just says: “Help”. I’ve handed him a few bucks each time I see him, but it never feels like enough.

Yesterday, I got into the shower. It was a little bit cold, so when my cold feet hit the warm water, I felt that delicious burning feeling, as my feet warmed up. It’s one of those sensations that makes me aware of how alive I am—how firmly my body is grounded in this physical reality. As I put my feet in the water, and I felt that lovely feeling spread from my toes, up through my ankles, I flexed my toes and I thought of that homeless guy. He doesn’t have feet. Just these prosthetic legs below the knees. And I thought, “I wish I could give him this instead.”

One thought on “Help

  1. Olduwan the feeble

    The sadness of not being able to make everything right is often overwhelming. Sometimes we can only do little things. Perhaps someday when we are rich & famous and rule the world we can do more, but for now perhaps it is sufficient that “we do not let the beggar’s petition go in vain”.

    Dona Payne once said “There are some people who do nothing in this life but take.”. Thankfully you are not one of those people.

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