4 thoughts on “I can’t imagine WANTING to throw up…

  1. Swifty

    I actually am thinking about trying one. Just so I can say I did. We have one down the street from us now, so I might have to stop by and say ‘ello to the captain. Good thing I have 3 forms of stomach and digestive drugs in my work van ready to go.

  2. CWE

    I bet it’s not that bad. Cereal can be tasty in shakes. Didn’t you ever go to “shake night” at that one guy’s house? I honestly can’t remember his name, but he was in the Folsom single’s ward and would have regular shake nights at his house. He was obsessed with his vitamix blender and so he would invite a million people over to his house and just make shakes all night out of all kinds of different things. I remember that the ones made with the reese’s cereal were really good.

    And also, there are lots of people who want to throw up. They’re called bulimics.

  3. HB

    Now… let’s see. I remember the singles activity where we proved ourselves to be the most efficient nerd-sorters, the best frog-racers, and ice-melters, and then got abandoned by our teammates. And I remember the “talent show” where the one kid recited his sex poetry and another girl interpreted her dreams on stage. I remember Dynamite Night, with the tossing of the hunks of raw steak across the gym…

    But Shake Night? No. Must’ve missed out.

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