I might not be the right one. It might not be the right time.

“Marriage is happy news.”

I love watching people who are about to get married. I love watching the ones who are just intoxicated with each other, watching each other’s every move, barely able to keep their hands to themselves when they sit down together.

It didn’t work out for me. But I still love the idea. I love watching people shop for wedding dresses and get ready for the big day. Even though I don’t want any of that anymore—I don’t want the foofy white dress or the cinderella diamonds, the fancy cake or the shiny shoes—I still like watching other people who are busy trying to plan all those things.

Maybe it’s something about the idea of getting ready, preparing. Spending time, in this increasingly busy world, on these crazy little details. There aren’t very many times that we spend that ridiculous amount of energy on tiny, tiny things that don’t really matter. But for weddings, people do it, for some reason. Maybe because they think those details are going to make the marriage better, somehow? Or maybe because they care about their partner and they want to start things off right.

I dunno. All I know is: I love watching people try on wedding dresses. So it’s super convenient that they made a show about it so I can just sit in my house and drink diet Coke (caffeine free—it’s late) and watch them while they get all fluffed up in ruffles and lace, sparkles and satin. I get to see the ones with the twinkles in their eyes when they talk about their soon-to-be spouses. That’s my favorite.

This picture has nothing to do with this, but isn’t my boy handsome? This is years ago. He’s getting so big now. His shoes are bigger than mine.

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