You’re like the dead sea.

Met someone today with a very, very firm handshake. There were about 5 people in the room, when this person was brought in and introduced. He shook each of our hands on his way around the room. Smiles all around. “Welcome,” shake shake shake, “Hello,” shake shake shake, “Nice to meet you,” shake shake. You know the drill.

He didn’t say much. He left the room quickly. About 5 seconds after the door closed, we all looked at each other and realized all of us were massaging our hands because he had shaken each one of our hands SO HARD that they were actually sort of injured. We smiled and laughed and then went back to our meeting.

I’m sure the person who was doing the shaking thought they were making a connection with the people in the room. That connection was fake and surface-level though. The connection between the people that were left talking about their injuries was the real one.

Wonder how many times it happens that way.

One thought on “You’re like the dead sea.

  1. Emily

    Josh’s virginia mom had one of the bones in her hand crushed and broken that way–an Army officer shook her hand too hard. That man definitely made a connection–but not a good one!

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