I haven’t felt this alive in a long time.

A picture, and a story. Story first.

Well, it’s not really a story, actually. But I just feel like writing… something. Something about my life. So here you go. Today, I was in line to get lunch (salad bar). There was a tray that had been full of tortellini pasta salad, but there was only one tortellini left. I wanted to take it, but there was someone on the other side of the salad bar, so I didn’t take it. They took it. The tortellini pasta was gone. Sigh. Ok, no problem. No pasta for me.

I sat down, and then about two minutes later, my friend came and joined me. I looked at their plate. “Oh, ho! What is this?” I thought. “Pasta!” Apparently, they had put out more pasta, right after I went through the salad bar. So I got up, quickly, and got another plate. A plate with one purpose: pasta. But by the time I got to the pasta dish, it was all gone again. No pasta for me.

Some days, you just don’t get the pasta. Even if you get up really fast and get a new plate. And that’s okay.

And now, a picture. This is the mountain at the base of the hike to Judd Falls, in Crested Butte. I’ll post more Crested Butte photos. Maybe one per day, with a little story that has nothing to do with it. Also, the title of this post is a song lyric, that has nothing to do with either the story or the picture. I think that sounds like a good theme for the month, actually. Unrelated stories, song lyrics, and photos. All jammed together, one per day.

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