My sister just forwarded me a quiz on Facebook.  “What color hair should you have?”  It’s interesting to me that the color it came up with is (almost) the only color my hair has NEVER been.  (Unless you count Friday night, in which I sprayed my hair “Ash black”.)

While we’re on the topic of hair color:  I actually ran out of normal shampoo two days ago, and I used my “for red hair” shampoo.  The kind that’s supposed to keep your red hair red.  I didn’t think that it worked, back when I actually had red hair.  It didn’t seem to do anything.

“It’ll probably be fine,” I thought.  “Since it didn’t do anything back when I had red hair.”

Turns out that once you’ve bleached bits of your hair into more of the blond range, the red shampoo sticks REAL GOOD to your hair.  I’m now slightly pink on top, and it’s a little embarrassing.  Maybe when I go to the hairdresser next time though, I’ll ask for PITCH BLACK.  Since that’s the color I should be.  (After all, it was in a Facebook quiz – it must be true.)

8 thoughts on ““YOU SHOULD BE A PITCH BLACK!”

  1. kt

    crap. I didn’t mean to forward it to anyone, I guess it did it without my knowledge. Stupid facebook stalker apps

    I was blonde btw. Yeeaahh….

  2. HB Post author

    CWE – did you leave a comment? I didn’t see anything in the moderation queue…

    Also, after I took that quiz, it forwarded it to EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS also. I reported it to Facebook and blocked it. How annoying.

  3. CWE

    I did, in fact, leave a comment. Though I can never actually tell if your website takes my comments or not. When I post a comment, the page just sort of turns white and then…. nothing. I have to close the window. No, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” No “Thanks for posting witty and interesting things on my blog.” Nothing!

  4. HB Post author

    Okay, that’s obviously broken. I’ve never posted a comment while I was not logged in – I just tested it, and it brought me the same white page. I’ll have to take a look at that. Some weird thing with this wordpress theme, no doubt.

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