Your own private Idaho?

Is that like your own private hell? Is that what that means? Idaho? Is that code? Someday I’m going to have to actually GO to Idaho and see why I might want one all for my own. Or… not want one.

5 thoughts on “Your own private Idaho?

  1. Olduwan the easily amused

    Its a big bag of famous Idaho potato chips. And it is all mine! My own private (little tiny piece) of Idaho.

    My precious! (With fresh guacamole) Nom.

  2. Kristi

    You should go. Idaho is nice. I’ve only been to southern Idaho (Preston where they filmed Napoleon Dynamite) and Island Park for camping. I’d like my own private camping Idaho….

  3. HB Post author

    Also, re: guacamole.

    NOM INDEED. Now I want guacamole. Course, that’s not really any different from normal…

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