Welcome, Johnathan Scott.

This is my adorable new nephew – Johnathan (codename: Quag.) My mom is up in Utah right now helping out with the baby, and I’m jealous. I love babies. I especially love babies that aren’t mine, because I can hold them and play with them and cuddle them and then give them back. Ha ha! So congratulations Dennis & Jackie, enjoy the sleep deprivation etc., and welcome to baby Johnathan. The unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy’s really not so bad once you get to know your way around.

The pictures below were taken when he was in his special UV light thing. (They *say* it won’t give him any super powers… it’s just supposed to get rid of the jaundice… we’ll see.)

They *say* the light won\'t give him any super powers...

Cute little nose!

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