Episode 38: In which there is some shouting.

I don’t understand people who shout on street corners. Last night, after going to the Rio City Cafe, I wandered around Old Sacramento for a while. I went to Evangeline’s costume shop (and thought of you, CWE, and your comment about how people use Halloween as an excuse to dress like a whore), and right around the corner, there was a man with a sandwich board sign shouting about Jesus.

Now, let’s ignore the actual content of the shouting (how much Jesus hates gay people) and focus on the technique. I don’t think it’s very effective. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be walking down the street and then get shouted at by some random person, and think to myself: “You know what? You’re totally right! I’m so glad you shouted at me.”

The thing is, the truth doesn’t need to be shouted. It has enough power on its own. And often, when people shout things, I think they’re trying to compensate for the fact that what they’re saying is totally bogus.

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