This made me smile.

A family of four was dining at a steakhouse. They asked to be moved to a different table after a family was seated near them who had a child with Down’s Syndrome. Their request was granted. But a few minutes later they told the waiter, “special needs kids should be kept in special places”, and the waiter refused to serve them after that, so they left. Details here.

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  1. Shauna

    Wow. Did I tell you about our fun airplane story? Jesse and I were traveling with Liam back to Alabama to visit family. On one of the flights, we weren’t able to get seats all next to each other. Liam and I were sitting next to each other and Jesse had a middle seat in the row directly in front of us. I figured that whomever had the seat next to Liam would be happy to trade with Jesse so that family with a young child could all sit next to each other. And if asking politely didn’t work, I was happy to offer to pay him to trade seats. $25 just to switch with my husband. Not only did the guy not want to trade (even for money), he was a COMPLETE dick about it. And I was so mad that I said, “Well, just so you know, you’ll be sitting next to my autistic son for 4 hours.” And Liam was screaming because he was sitting next to a stranger and I was trying to keep him calm and it was basically a nightmare. So the guy flags down a flight attendant and DEMANDS to be re-seated at which point the flight attendant informs the jerk that the flight is completely full and there’s nothing she can do. The guy actually opted to GET OFF THE PLANE rather than sit next to my son or just switch with my husband so that we could all sit together. Once he got off the plane, Jesse came back and sat in the dude’s seat and Liam was a perfect angel for the rest of the flight. Several people actually said that they never would have even noticed that we had a kid with us because he was so quiet. If the idiot would have just switched with Jesse to begin with, he never would have heard another peep out of Liam, but he had to be a dick about it. I cried for most of the flight. Sometimes people are lame.

  2. HB Post author

    I don’t know why people have to be such jerks. I really don’t. My only comfort is knowing that misery follows the miserable. I may have to endure them for a few minutes, but they have to endure themselves 24 hours a day. Wherever they go, their horrible selves are right there with them.

    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. Glad that Liam won’t have to remember it. 🙂

  3. Shauna

    Yeah, it actually comforted me to think of the jerk all pissed off spending the rest of his day in an airport trying to get on another flight. 🙂 As he walked off the plane, I said, “Good luck finding a flight out of Salt Lake with no kids on it!”

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