So I went to Rocklin last night. I got word that there was some kind of “game night”, but it wasn’t clear to me whether it was an open invite, or a house party, or what. I decided to go anyway, and see what happened. I knocked on the door, and a guy opened, and I said, “Hi… um… is there a party here? I mean, I heard there was a party here… but is it an open party?… um… Yeah?”

“Yeah, come on in. I’m Phil.” He said his name was Phil, even though it was really Lou. Everyone else was calling him Lou. So I asked another girl. “Is his name Lou? Or is it Phil?”

“It’s Lou,” she said. “Phil is his cousin. He’ll be here later.”

“Oh,” I said. It ended up being about 10 people. We chatted, ate some food, played Scattergories (which none of us were very good at) and Guesstures (which I don’t like, because I feel embarrassed acting out things in front of people, but I still did well at, because hey – once I’m involved… I can’t just not be competitive).

It took an hour to drive there, and I had to get a babysitter, because mom is off in Utah helping with my new nephew. I drank a 44-ouncer before I got there and needed to use the bathroom, but I didn’t want to show up at a stranger’s house and immediately ask to use the bathroom… so I stopped at a SaveMart. There were live lobsters in a tank, which I stared at for a while. I wanted to take a picture, but my camera battery hasn’t been the same since I dropped it in the river. (Note to self: Buy new camera battery.)

There was also a display of umbrellas – I almost bought one. It’s going to start raining soon. As it happens, I needn’t have worried about the bathroom. Another guy who showed up also needed to use it when he first got there – and it turns out, the person who owns the house wasn’t even there. So he sort of wandered around until he found it. (It’s in the back – by the guinea pigs.)

Also: The entire city of Rocklin smelled like burned toast. I’m not kidding.

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