How long has it been for YOU?

I just realized, as I was absent-mindedly humming some song lyrics, that I haven’t had fish sticks in, like, years.  Seriously.  So… I was wondering, how long has it been since YOU’VE had fish sticks?  But because I’m at work and I can’t take the time to install a fancy polling plugin right now, I invite you to respond with a comment, and I will tabulate the results using some free software I downloaded from Diebold.

HOW LONG has it been since YOU’VE had fish sticks?





-This one time, at band camp…

7 thoughts on “How long has it been for YOU?

  1. CWE

    Assuming that fish and chips from a reputable restaurant doesn’t count, I’d have to say I can’t really remember a time EVER that I’ve had fish sticks. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t ever happened… just that I don’t remember it.

  2. Kristi

    I had a bite once at school lunch (maybe 3rd grade) and never tried them since. My mom tried to feed us fish (not in stick form) a couple of times and learned early on we wouldn’t eat it.

  3. Jamie

    Looks like I’m the black sheep here. I had them just a couple weeks ago. Turns out I REALLY like them. Ha!

  4. Emily

    Quite a few years ’round here. I don’t think I’ve consumed fish sticks for at least five years. Maybe more.

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