You know what I like?

Milk Duds

Milk duds.  I love the chewy goodness, the way the chocolate sort of breaks apart when you first bite into one, and the way you just get to keep chewing and chewing and chewing on them, until they finally disintegrate, leaving just a trace of sugary happiness in your mouth.  I like that the caramel doesn’t burn the back of my throat the way that some other caramels (cough-cough-BRACH’S) do.  And I like the fact that when they’re fresh, they’re awesome, and when they get stale, they’re still awesome.  They’re great to take to the movies, and if they accidentally spill in your purse, it’s no big deal.  (Not like that one time that the Junior Mints accidentally spilled in my purse and I had Junior Mint paste all over everything… *shudders*)

So here’s a shout out to Milk Duds.  Thank you for being everything you are.  Don’t ever change.

3 thoughts on “You know what I like?

  1. HB Post author

    Actually, it’s been a really long time since I’ve HAD fish sticks. Hm… I hear a new poll coming ’round the bend.

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