I’m Back.

Back from UTAH. The land of layered clothing, glossy hair, frozen yogurt, and lovely, lovely canyons. I had a wonderful time. It was way, way, WAY too short though. I’m thinking I need to take some unpaid time off so I can have a respectable vacation. I still really don’t know how anybody has time for a full-time job. I certainly don’t.

Anyway, while I was in Utah, I had some cheese curds and didn’t hate them. The last time I ate cheese curds was 13 years ago when Erin M. bought some on a young women trip to Southern Utah. The cheese curds I had this time were from Logan, from the Utah State University creamery, which was the ONLY thing open when we went there to show Katie the campus. (Seriously. EVERY other building was locked up.) I also had some ice cream while I was there, which was pretty good. But alas, Katie – poor Katie – she chose the bubble gum ice cream. She said it was the worst ice cream ever. And I thought, “Surely, it can’t be the worst ice cream EVER – I mean, come on. There’s some pretty bad ice cream out there…”

But then I tried it. And let me tell you, Internet. It was, truly, the Worst. Ice cream. EVER. Also, we’re pretty sure it was a monster.

We had lots of fun. I saw new babies, and new houses, and watched Stardust under the stars. (Seriously. The freakin’ stars.) We also went to McDonald’s. This isn’t particularly noteworthy – except that I took a picture.

6 thoughts on “I’m Back.

  1. Erin (used to be M.) W.

    welcome home!

    aahhh. cheese curd. i am glad that you have finally learned to tolerate that yummy stuff. It is fitting that you were in Logan. That is where I was born (and raised on cheese curd).

    the ice cream pic and description cracks me up.

  2. Erin (used to be M.) W.

    welcome home!

    aahhh. cheese curd. I am so glad that you have finally learned to tolerate that yummy stuff. it is fitting that you were in Logan that is where I was born and developed my love for cheese curd.

    your ice cream picture and description cracked me up!

  3. CWE

    You really should have gone to The Lord’s Creamery instead. They have fantastic ice cream. And I imagine their cheese curds are probably pretty good too.

  4. Stephanie Collins

    Ahh Logan. I LOVE LOGAN!!! I tried to attend USU after high school, while Scott was on his mission, and then we tried to go together. Not in the cards. Oh well. I’m glad you had a great trip!

  5. cheesecurds

    You mentioned cheese curds.

    If they came from the “Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin” at Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery – then you had the BEST! The Governor of Wisconsin gave them that title! They are so squeaky good and are made from rBST free milk!

    Look at their web site about all the ways to enjoy cheese curds! And don’t forget to microwave for 15 seconds to restore the squeaky freshness – plus the flavors burst when they are warm! YUM!

    Their premium 100% All Natural Cheddar Cheese Curds are the color of fresh milk: White.
    Question: “Did you ever drink a glass of orange milk?”
    Look for the white cheddar morsels!

    They sold 104,000 pounds of cheese curds to the Minnesota State Fair last year and sell to state and county fairs nationwide. If you are at Miller Park in Milwaukee for a Brewers Home Game – you have to try the fried cheese curds! Or at an A&W Restaurant! They even have a very simple four-ingredient recipe on the back of their FRESH cheese curd packages for battering cheese curds. Bringing the State Fair right into your home! They have more recipes on their web site if you are unable to get Ellsworth Cheese Curds in your grocery stores (Deli), or convenience stores.


  6. HB Post author

    Wow. I got cheese curd spam. I think it’s so interesting that there IS cheese curd spam that I actually left it there. Mad props to the person combing the interweb looking for blog posts about cheese curds… I admire your dedication.

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