55NoN has been delayed. First, because of an apartment hunting trip. Secondly, because work has been exhausting (in a good way). Third, because my son has reached double digits, and we spent an evening celebrating with chocolate cake and Pokemon. Fourth, because I decided to watch a few episodes of Avatar (the last airbender) tonight, with my son curled up beside me. We laugh at the same things.

My new apartment is fantastic. I’m very happy about that. My new job is fantastic. I’m very happy about that too. I’m not unhappy, but the ground seems unsteady under my feet. Everything is changing. I cleaned out my office today, and all my plastic plants and paperclips are in a pile on the floor of my computer room. In a week, I will pack all of my belongings and then I’ll be a real, live resident of the OC.

I don’t know how I feel about this.

What I do know, is that I’m currently listening to Sigur Ros, lying in bed, alone, with a couple of technical books next to me and no idea what my future will hold. My arm feels like it’s on fire, because I burned it earlier… in music, the metaphor of burning, and being on fire, is always so compelling. The idea of burning up seems passionate, delightful. In real life, it just hurts.

I’m very tired.

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