55NoN: Movie the fourth, Lost Boys

The Frog brothers were the stars of this film. Comic-book shop kids, talking about killing vampires, dressed in camo. You think they’re full of crap, until you watch them calmly stake a vampire through the heart while he hangs upside-down, sleeping. Nice.

Someone pointed out to me, and I agree, that the problem with this movie, as a vampire movie, is that the vampires are absolutely not sexy. Not a shred of sexiness. They’re sweaty, dirty, stinky-looking punks that go around being jerky and annoying, and occasionally murdering people. Vampires should have sex appeal.

Brad Pitt is a sexy vampire. Alex Winter, not so much.

I give this movie four stars (out of ten). But. There’s a character named “Star” in the movie… so that’s five stars, total, I guess.

Musical high point: Syncopated fun-ness while driving down to the vampire’s abandoned hotel/cave hideout.

3 thoughts on “55NoN: Movie the fourth, Lost Boys

  1. HB Post author

    Ah! Antonio. How could I forget Antonio? You’re right, of course. I can’t think of a sexier vampire.

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