55 Nights of Newman, movie the first: Desperately Seeking Susan.

A few memorable moments.
“Oh my… I’ve heard that 4/5 prostitutes are lesbians.”
“Don’t you think I would know if my wife was a lesbian?”
“Why? You didn’t know she was a prostitute.”

Also: Aidan Quinn in the 80s. Nice. Very nice.

There wasn’t that much material by Mr. Newman, really. A few selections here and there… it was funny though, even more than 20 years ago, there are rhythms & chord structures that are familiar. Maybe people don’t change that much. Maybe the chord structures are in there, and 20 years later, they just manifest a little differently. More complex. More intense. Same basic pieces.

Rating: I would give this movie 2 stars (out of 10), but it gets an extra star for Aidan and an extra star for the righteous 80s outfits… those were worth at least one star all by themselves. So… 4 then. 🙂

Till tomorrow then.

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