Little Stinker. (See Also: “What’s in YOUR Google History?”)


Last night I found a baby skunk on my road.  He couldn’t walk, but he wasn’t bleeding and he was still very much alive.  I wasn’t sure what to do, since it was midnight and I couldn’t call anyone.  So I googled “injured skunk”.

The internet told me to check and see if the skunk was really orphaned or injured (check), then put on gloves and pick it up, holding the tail end away from me (check), and contact a wildife rehabilitation organization.  So I put him in a laundry basket and this morning, I was able to connect with Sierra Wildlife Rescue.  I left a message, and a nice lady called me back.  She asked if I could meet her in Coloma, since she lives in Georgetown… so I put the little baby in the back of the Subaru, and I met her in Coloma. She took the little baby skunk and gave him some painkillers and fluids, and put him in a little carrier with a warming blanket so she could take him back to her house.


Apparently, she’s a volunteer, and she takes injured baby skunks and keeps them, feeds them, rehabilitates them, and then releases them back into the wild.  I hope my little skunk is okay.  I feel like I have a new family member. She told me she would email me with pictures, if “the outcome is good”. So I’m crossing my fingers…

I think I’ll call him Oscar.

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