Things I did today.

  • Took a picture of the sunrise
  • Watched the Cooks Source crapstorm on Twitter
  • Read about associative arrays
  • Drew a quick pencil sketch of my son
  • Ate samosas with mint chutney

Those were the highlights. I also read some of the (excellent) writing at Dive Into HTML5, Mark Pilgrim’s lovely illustrated guide to, well, HTML5. I worked some more on some templates, splitting out the color elements into their own CSS files, so I can have multiple color schemes. In a few minutes I will start rewriting the admin page… a task that was sort of complicated to begin with, the extra-complicated cherry on top being the fact that I haven’t actually done much with PHP, actually, and I’m learning it as I go along… but we soldier on.

Speaking of soldiers. Found out last night that an old friend is going to Iraq soon, and will likely be there until right around this time next year. Even though I don’t talk to him often (we haven’t lived near each other for many years now), I feel worried.

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