Find your voice today. Your true voice—the voice that’s yours (uniquely yours), yours alone in the universe. You might have to work hard if you haven’t used it in a while, but it’s still in there. You’ve had it since you were old enough to speak, jump, walk, slam doors, sing.

Here’s the thing (beautiful and scary and true): Your true voice is unique. It has never been heard before, and it will never be heard again, though the earth will circle round and round as stars are born and die and are born. If you don’t use it, it will never be heard at all.

Find something to say today. Say it in your true voice. Whether you say it out loud, or to the mirror, or sing it, or play it on a drum, or write it on a scrap of paper that you tuck in your pocket and send through the laundry… it will mean something. You will know that you said that thing that was true and wonderful and yours alone. And you’ll be a little more real for the rest of the day.

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