Episode 121: In which there are things ON FIRE.

Okay. So today… I was hungry. I’m often hungry at work. And I decided, as I often do, to make microwave popcorn in the executive kitchen. I threw the bag in, turned it on, and walked back to my desk. Then… I heard a funny noise coming from the general direction of the microwave. So I turned back around, to see what the noise was, and there were GIANT ORANGE FLAMES inside the microwave.

Apparently, the spaghetti with meat sauce that had boiled over… you know, the spaghetti and meat sauce that I thought I would clean up later? Yeah. The spaghetti and meat sauce chunks got hot enough to set the microwave popcorn bag (which I had just set on top of it)… on fire.

On my way home from work, there was a car. It was in a field. Not particularly notable, except that the car was ON FIRE. The field, incidentally, was also on fire.

Then, in the grocery store line, the man in front of me… he had googly eyes on his glasses. I asked if I could take a picture of him, because I take pictures of things with googly eyes on them. Then, he told me he got them at Burning Man. Which he attends every year. And we talked some more about fire.


P.S. No, I did not burn down the office.

3 thoughts on “Episode 121: In which there are things ON FIRE.

  1. robyn

    I had a day like that once. Everything I passed seemed to catch fire. Cars. Houses. You know. Nothing big. I was pretty sure I was the devil or something, spreading fire in my wake.

  2. Jamie

    So I was wondering if you wanted to post the picture of the googly-eyed man. And who knew spaghetti sauce could be flammable?! Thanks for sharing!

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