Chipotle, chipotle, chipotle.

I can hear them now.

“So… first I’d like to thank you all for attending this conference call today. We’re here to discuss our core product—chips. People like chips. We all know people like chips, but we need some new ideas. We can’t just make great chips anymore… we need to really distinguish our brand from the other chips on the shelf. Ideas?”

“Well Rob, Chipotle is HOT right now. Why don’t we try some chipotle chips?”

“Chipotle. Great idea, Debbie. I’ll write that one down.”

“You know what Rob, I was just in California last week… people LOVE California.”

“California Chips! That’s great John. Thank you.”

“Ooh! Ooh! You know what else? In California, they like things to be ‘all-natural’. Organic.”

“All-natural. Okay. We can work with that. What else?”


“California creamy chipotle chips?”


“That’s gold.”

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