It sounds like a profanity. Asparagus…

“Asparagus!” she cried, as she watched the jar of pickles smash to the floor, soaking her new pair of Jimmy Choos.

I’ve never liked it. Never.

Tonight, I had asparagus and I actually enjoyed it. One of those weird things. Someone invites you over for dinner, tells you what will be served, and you cringe, thinking “how am I going to choke that down?” Then, the thing you’ve been dreading turns into something wonderful.

Asparagus, olive oil, salt (and pepper?) seared in a pan. It was incredibly good. The surprise upon tasting the goodness of the asparagus, combined with the warmth of good conversation and the comfort of being welcomed in the home of a good friend, topped off with Flight of the Conchords… it was a good night. I feel happy.

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