Presentation Reboot.

All right, I know it’s been a while, but this is something I’ve been meaning to blog about. A week ago, I went to Presentation Reboot, a day-long workshop held at Duarte Design studios in Mountain View. It makes me smile, right now, just thinking about it. For those of you who don’t know, in the past year I’ve become (frighteningly) interested in presentation design, and in visual communication in general. Bad slides make me cranky. Really bad slides make me want to throw things. Really bad slides plus really bad presenters make me want to cry.

I had to make PowerPoint slides almost from day 1 at my job. Seriously, like, within the first week, I had to put together some slides for my boss to present to the CEO of our parent company. This wouldn’t be a big problem, except that before that day, I had never opened up PowerPoint in my life. So I went to Borders and picked up PowerPoint for Dummies and went to town. That got me through for a while…

But one night… I picked up a different book. I was perusing the shelves at Borders looking for more books about PowerPoint. Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds. It’s a book that started me on the path to making less crappy slides. Way less crappy. After that, I started following the blog, and that’s how I found out about Slide:ology, by Nancy Duarte. I read it and loved it. It gave me a vocabulary – design concepts that I could always sort of “feel”, but didn’t have names for. And now, my slides don’t suck. I’m even getting better at making real presentations, where there’s a purpose and a message, and a story arc. So when I heard about Presentation Reboot, a day-long workshop given by Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte, I knew I had to go.

Check it out – there’s a picture of me at Presentation Zen right now. I’ll try to come back and write more about it later – it’s worth writing about.

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