A poll.

All right, internet. A question. How sick do you, personally, have to be before you call in sick to work? I never know how sick to get before I call in. Because… on the one hand, I feel like, if I’m well enough to be up & about and around the house, I’m well enough to work. On the other hand, nobody else at the office appreciates being on the receiving end of an infectious disease. So… what to do?

P.S. A shout out to Tamara in San Jose.

4 thoughts on “A poll.

  1. Kristi

    That’s a toughy. Because I am currently battling a similar sounding sore throat that I picked up at church. I know exactly who from and I’m thinking to myself, “self, I really wish people would leave their infectious children home instead of bring them to church to share their pathogens” (I use big words when talking to myself).
    But it’s work. And money. And sick leave. And I like to save my sick leave for when I have one of those diseases that render me incapable of walking. I realize this is coming a little late. Did you end up going or staying?

  2. Robyn

    I vote for staying home so long as you’re reasonably sure that you are contagious. It’s the courteous thing to do for your co-workers and it’s better for your own health in the long run. Stay home and rest. Everyone wins.
    This is, assuming of course, that you can afford to/have sick days available/etc.

  3. CWE

    I always call in sick if I think I’m contagious. Most of the time if I call in sick when I’m first coming down with something and I stay home and rest, it keeps it from developing into something worse. Then I get better faster and no one at work hates me for getting them sick.

    It makes me mad when people come into work sick. Do you have the option of doing any of your work remotely?

  4. KT

    …I’m so sorry…

    in other craziness, Tamara still seems to think that just because I don’t have the exact same effects/symptoms/infection that it couldn’t have been her that got me sick. Right. Because bronchitis has NOTHING to do with a sore throat.

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