Chocolate Party!

I had a party with some of my closest friends… ate some food, played some games, and then we had a CHOCOLATE TASTING. Fabulous.

First… the contestants.

Bottom Row (from left to right): Scharffen Berger 41% milk chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, See’s chocolate soldier, Trader Joe’s Organic milk chocolate truffle bar, Ritter Sport with whole hazelnuts, Lake Champlain hazelnut praline squares, Café Tasse Noir Praline bar, Cosmic Chocolates cardamom + blood oranges 64% cacao bar, Vosges Woolloomooloo bar with macadamia nuts, Indonesian coconut, and hemp seeds.

Middle Row: Classic Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, Lindt milk chocolate truffle bar, Dove silky smooth milk chocolate, Fran’s Pure Chocolate milk bar, Lindt 60% extra dark bar with smooth filling, See’s Premium Extra Dark chocolate bar, Frey Pear & Caramel bar, Dove Blueberry & Almond milk chocolate bar, Dagoba organic chocolate bar with crystallized ginger and chai essence, Lindt Petits Desserts Crème Brûlée bar, Lindt Excellence Dark Chili bar.

Top Row: Ticket To Ride Europe (do not eat), Dove silky smooth dark chocolate, See’s sugar-free dark bar.

Now… the WINNERS:

First Place: The clear winner of the evening was the Frey Pear & Caramel chocolate bar. Delicate, fresh, fantastic flavor. Oh wow. I cannot recommend this chocolate highly enough. The pear was refreshing, not too sweet. And normally caramel is not my favorite flavor – but this was incredible. Go try some. Now.

Second Place: In second place was Fran’s 40% Venezuelan Milk Chocolate bar. Rich, smooth, just a cut above the other milk chocolate bars. Highly recommended.

Third Place: The first two chocolates were new, different, and interesting. Third place, for me, goes to the familiar. One of my consistent favorites, Ritter 100g Whole Hazelnut bar.

Honorable Mention: The Cosmic Chocolates Cardamom + Orange bar was tasty. As was the See’s Premium Extra Dark bar. What an incredible flavor. And… this might sound weird, but I have to give an honorable mention to the Hershey bar. I like the zippy tang of the Hershey bar. I don’t know… it’s comfortable. That said, I think the Cadbury chocolate (owned by the Hershey company) is smoother, richer, and every year I look forward to the first Cadbury Mini Egg of the season (the Mini Eggs – all chocolate – not the creme eggs, although I like those too…).

5 thoughts on “Chocolate Party!

  1. Akaii

    Ahhhh! That was a good night. I’m feeling a need to try other varieties of Fran’s chocolates. That would be enough reason to have a party. We could even start playing Ticket To Ride before the chocolate high/stupor sets in.

  2. Paige Frisbie

    Thanks for this interesting post. I think it is probably easier to compare when you stick to one type, say plain milk chocolate bars from different companies. It is hard to compare when the products vary to any extent.

    As a long time fan of Fran’s, I always find her products amazing.

    Fran’s Chocolates are extraordinary!!!

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