Helpful Hints.

Here’s a tip:  When you’re at the office, don’t talk about how you and your boyfriend watched a really hot movie the other night and all the sexy sex you had afterward was all, like, super duper kinky and stuff.  Especially don’t talk about exactly what kind of kinky dinky sexy sex you had.  Because the administrative assistant who is over yonder, innocently making copies of expense reports, doesn’t want to hear it.  Also, she’s a blogger.

One thought on “Helpful Hints.

  1. Robyn

    Yes, but you didn’t write anything incriminating enough for her to be scared by your threats…
    That is super gross though.
    Also, once at the accounting firm I worked at in LA, I got to hear one of the partners (who was at least 65, had a painfully obvious prosthetic eye/eye socket, and was generally a disgusting, mean-spirited, bad, bad man) go off about the things he did to his wife all weekend. . . in bed and all over their beach house in Newport.
    Oh, I wish I hadn’t just recalled that particular memory.

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