Here’s an idea.

I think that every time a person sends an email at work, to another person at work, it should hurt. There should be some pain involved in sending work-related emails. A small, but not insignificant, amount of actual physical pain. You know, liked maybe when you click the “SEND” button a spring-actuated lever with a thumbtack attached comes and STABS YOU IN THE HAND. I get SO TIRED of getting copied unnecessarily, getting useless emails that really should go to someone else, getting emails asking questions that people are too lazy to go find the answers to themselves, etc. etc. It just goes on and on. And my email box is NOTHING compared to some other people in my office (80 emails while you were on a 2-hour conference call? This has got to stop, people.)

Perhaps I shall design the spring-actuated lever myself. It would have to be attached to the USB mouse, which could involve some tricky design problems, but I think it will be worth it, in the end.

One thought on “Here’s an idea.

  1. Robyn

    Can you make it work on people who send stupid forwards too? Especially sensational ones that are supposed to scare you. . .
    I would be willing to help fund such efforts.

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