Happy Thanksgiving, Internets.

I really am thankful, too. I was about to write a big, long list of all the things I’m thankful for – but there’s so many that it starts to sound trite… and it’s not. I’m really sincere when I say, “I am thankful for clean, hot water that comes out of a pipe on my wall.” Incredible. Out of all the billions of people who have lived on this earth, I live in this crazy narrow subsection of the population who has clean, hot water that comes out of a pipe on the wall. I have clean, hot water whenever I want it… and also pretty much everything else I want. I can eat fresh fruits from all over the world, whenever I want them. My corner grocery store has an array of spices that would have shocked people from the Middle Ages. I can buy saffron. (Did I ever tell you about the dream I had once? I stole some saffron out of a store… I cut open a tennis ball and hid it in there. I was a saffron smuggler.)

Anyway. These things are not lost on me. I am thankful for the food, and the spices. The water, the soft bed. Thankful for the people I have in my life that I get to share these things with. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

Also: In anticipation of Black Friday… a video for you.

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