French Silk.

I made a pie tonight. I don’t normally really like pie… but I really like chocolate. So when my mom asked, “What kind of pie do you want?” instead of saying, “I don’t care,” like I usually do, I said… “I really like French Silk pie.” She said, “Well why don’t we make one?”

“Umm… okay.”

Baker’s Square has this awesome chocolate pie – the French Silk pie. I remember eating this pie when I was around 15 years old and just having this experience with it. It was not chunky and unrefined, like the other pies that were hardly worth eating. This pie was sophisticated and lovely. It melted on my tongue. I remember the crust and the chocolate curls on top, but most of all I remember the smoothness and the flavor. Mom found a recipe on the internet – it was amazingly simple. Sugar, butter, vanilla, baking chocolate (melted), and eggs. (I used Egg Beaters because they’re pasteurized).

So what if I had to go to the store a second time on the day before Thanksgiving… I get to eat a French Silk pie tomorrow.

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