Monthly Archives: August 2013

Evening reflections.

Renting and returning a car without a friend is hard. And it’s expensive. It’s either expensive in money or expensive in time. There’s just no way around it.

There are a lot of things in life that are like this. Easy with a friend, hard by yourself. But renting a car is one of those that always seems extra especially difficult to me. I guess that getting yourself home after major surgery—cataract surgery, maybe… or bunion surgery. That would be more difficult. But figuring out how to get yourself home after you drop off the car. It always seems kinda painful.

Today, I decided on the “expensive in money, not time” option and I took a cab. I made some notes while I was on the cab trip.
1) Spraying a bunch of cologne in the cab after you’ve had a smoke will not actually make it smell better.
2) There is apparently no rule that a cab has to be either a) clean, or b) free from major dents or damage.
3) Minivans just never seem “business-like”. Ever.
4) Waiting until traffic is likely to have cleared up won’t guarantee that traffic has cleared up.
5) Walking feels way more awesome when you know that you’re saving about a hundred thousand dollars by having the cab driver drop you off blocks and blocks from your house.
6) I can’t wait for Uber Santa Barbara. That’s all I’m saying.