Monthly Archives: November 2010


On misty mornings, the world is so changed, that is becomes easier to imagine another age, another time.

“The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the age that gave it birth comes again.”

It’s a fictional world that Robert Jordan describes, but on mornings like this one, when reality and unreality sort of swirl and blend together in the mist, it seems to strike close to the heart of the matter.


Finally fading.

Someday. Someday the voices will fade. Maybe. That would be… awesome.

Happy Sunday, by the way. It’s a lovely day, wet and misty and gray. It hasn’t really rained much this winter. Only a couple of times. I’ve been hoping for more rain… washed the car yesterday & that seems to have done the trick. It’s been raining solid since I woke up this morning (at an unholy hour).

I’m prone to introspection on days like this. I sort of knew that listening to the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack was a mistake today. I knew, but I listened anyway. Then I found myself wandering over to Glen Phillips’ YouTube channel. And while I can’t say that really lifted my spirits, exactly, it massaged the melancholy into something more warm and rich and deep. Glen’s good for that.

All things, great and small.

Plants and creatures of all kinds, living things great and small, from single-celled organisms to critters with tiny fingers and toes, humans and kittens and daisies and great whales, all working and struggling to find a way through. Not everyone makes it. Some will fall, some will lose their current form, fragment and fray into their component parts, their building blocks absorbed by the universe to create new life.

But even though many will fall, each individual still strives and works. Never give up. Never surrender. This caught my eye this morning: A tiny, tiny plant, saying “hell, yeah.”

Things I did today.

  • Took a picture of the sunrise
  • Watched the Cooks Source crapstorm on Twitter
  • Read about associative arrays
  • Drew a quick pencil sketch of my son
  • Ate samosas with mint chutney

Those were the highlights. I also read some of the (excellent) writing at Dive Into HTML5, Mark Pilgrim’s lovely illustrated guide to, well, HTML5. I worked some more on some templates, splitting out the color elements into their own CSS files, so I can have multiple color schemes. In a few minutes I will start rewriting the admin page… a task that was sort of complicated to begin with, the extra-complicated cherry on top being the fact that I haven’t actually done much with PHP, actually, and I’m learning it as I go along… but we soldier on.

Speaking of soldiers. Found out last night that an old friend is going to Iraq soon, and will likely be there until right around this time next year. Even though I don’t talk to him often (we haven’t lived near each other for many years now), I feel worried.