Monthly Archives: April 2009


It sounds like a profanity. Asparagus…

“Asparagus!” she cried, as she watched the jar of pickles smash to the floor, soaking her new pair of Jimmy Choos.

I’ve never liked it. Never.

Tonight, I had asparagus and I actually enjoyed it. One of those weird things. Someone invites you over for dinner, tells you what will be served, and you cringe, thinking “how am I going to choke that down?” Then, the thing you’ve been dreading turns into something wonderful.

Asparagus, olive oil, salt (and pepper?) seared in a pan. It was incredibly good. The surprise upon tasting the goodness of the asparagus, combined with the warmth of good conversation and the comfort of being welcomed in the home of a good friend, topped off with Flight of the Conchords… it was a good night. I feel happy.


I went to Portland last weekend. The land of ports. Port Land. I actually started out my trip outside of the city—on the Oregon coast. I walked on the beach in Seaside and on Cannon Beach, and I noticed a couple of things that make the Oregon coast different from the California coast.

  1. It’s @!$^$!$# cold. Because it’s cold, people take their children to the beach in heavy coats. Weird. I had 5 layers and a scarf and I was still cold.
  2. The coast, at least the particular piece of it in Seaside, had a wiiiide expanse of sand, unlike the rocky shores of the north coast in CA. Because of this, the water comes up to your feet, and you feel like you’re walking on the water. Then it recedes, and the sky is reflected where the water was… and it feels like you’re walking on the clouds.
  3. There are pine trees everywhere. Looking at the ocean through the branches of a bunch of pine trees… that was different.

On Saturday, I met up with a friend and we went to the Saturday Market downtown. The thing that makes this craft fair extra cool is that everyone who sells anything has to make it themselves. So it doesn’t feel like a swap meet – there are lots of unique items. I had a lot of fun at the market—would recommend it to anyone looking for a place to wander on a Saturday morning. My favorite: Spoonman.

The market is held right across from the waterfront. The Portland waterfront is an extremely cool place – tons of bridges that you can cross on foot, and MILES of walking paths right alongside, on both sides of the river. So you can walk across on one bridge, walk to the next one, walk across again, walk back into town, go a few blocks, go back to the water, across another bridge. We were lucky enough to be there when the trees along the river were blooming. So lovely.

I spent the next morning in the Columbia River Gorge. There are waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge. Waterfall after waterfall after waterfall.

My favorite part of the gorge was when I got to the top of Multnominamemonimee-whatever falls and walked to the left instead of the right. The paved trail to the top of the big falls is off to the right, and to the left is this trail marked “Perdition” (no joke). Walk down the trail for a little ways, and tucked away from the highway and the people… there is an incredible place.

I sat down by the side of the trail and just stayed there.

After my time in the Columbia River Gorge, I went to… Boring. I saw the Boring theater, and the Boring Mini Storage (where they have small units).

Aaaaaaand… this is the Boring church. (You thought it was yours, but you were wrong. It’s in Oregon.)