Monthly Archives: November 2008


I know that some of us have made fun of Chipotle, particularly for its name… (Chipotle! Chipotle! Chipotle!)… but this is cool.

Calling all Sacramento folks who don’t hate Chipotle and are looking for a place to eat today: They are donating all proceeds from today’s sales to the annual Run to Feed the Hungry event – so if you want to have some guacamole and help support local food banks, go to Chipotle today.

Sigh. Yes it’s true. This post is late.

But I’m going to finish posting it anyway. I started it last night & didn’t finish. Alas.

We went to the Henry Cowell redwoods. They have a cross-section of a tree there that was over 2000 years old. They put little markers on the rings – one of them, near the middle of the tree (beginning) marks the birth of Jesus. That tree was alive when Jesus was born. It was pretty cool.

I didn’t find out why it’s called Henry Cowell state park though. I was going to visit the Visitors’ Center to find out, but it was closed. They closed right as we were walking toward it. Jerks.

After the redwoods, we drove on Hwy 9 back toward Santa Cruz and I heard a radio show on NPR that I’ve never heard before. Radio Lab. It was basically awesome. Try downloading the latest episode… see if you like it too.

Then we wandered downtown Santa Cruz, had an oversized slice from Pizza My Heart, on a friend’s recommendation (great pizza), and came back to the hostel and watched Wall-E on the laptop. What a great day.