Monthly Archives: October 2008

You know what I like?

Milk Duds

Milk duds.  I love the chewy goodness, the way the chocolate sort of breaks apart when you first bite into one, and the way you just get to keep chewing and chewing and chewing on them, until they finally disintegrate, leaving just a trace of sugary happiness in your mouth.  I like that the caramel doesn’t burn the back of my throat the way that some other caramels (cough-cough-BRACH’S) do.  And I like the fact that when they’re fresh, they’re awesome, and when they get stale, they’re still awesome.  They’re great to take to the movies, and if they accidentally spill in your purse, it’s no big deal.  (Not like that one time that the Junior Mints accidentally spilled in my purse and I had Junior Mint paste all over everything… *shudders*)

So here’s a shout out to Milk Duds.  Thank you for being everything you are.  Don’t ever change.

“How sure are you about that thing?”

Normally I don’t post about work.  Generally it’s just a bad idea.  But yesterday my boss called to me from his office and asked – “Hey, how sure are you about that thing you told me the other day?”

“How sure I am depends on which thing I told you the other day that you’re asking about…”

“You know, that one thing you said, about that thing meaning something else.”

“Oh, I’m sure.”


“100% positive.”

“Because I’ve never heard that…”

“Yeah, I know…”

What happened is this:  We are searching for domain names for a couple of vertical sites for our business.  One of the ones he wanted to use (and several of the ones he had actually purchased) included an expression that has an alternate meaning.  I felt it was my duty to give him a heads-up… I knew he wouldn’t know about it.  And being that I’m “from the internet” and all…  He didn’t believe me at first, so I had to go into his office again:

“Okay, I forwarded you the wiktionary entry… but I’m not sending you the urban dictionary link, it’s just too foul.”



They all have to be shown.

(CWE, maybe this could be a side business of ours – you know, when we form our “You can’t name your kid THAT” business.  Keep nice, honest folks from making terrible, terrible mistakes.)

I don’t have a clever title today.

Just some song lyrics. I don’t even know if they’re right, because I had to type them out myself. (Song lyrics that *aren’t* on the internet. A rarity.)

“I’m not here for your confession
we’ve said all there is to say.
This house was made of tinder,
and we both set off the flames.
I went wild in the wreckage –
You were wandering off into the smoke.
There shouldn’t be a chance we could recover,
I shouldn’t be holding you so close.

But I still see you as you are,
before the tears, beneath the scars.
Kisses sweet and words so rough –
You will always have my love.

I have no interest in perfection,
just want some honesty.
Our little indiscretions are just spittle in the sea.
Why’d we think that we were different,
when everybody knows it’s nothing new.
So someone might’ve spent the night beside you-
He can’t love you like I do.

I still see you as you are,
before the tears, beneath the scars.
Kisses sweet and words so rough –
You will always have my love.

I can see you in my mind,
half a smile, and hungry eyes.
It may never be enough,
but you will always have my love.”

For those of you who aren’t satisfied with words typed on a digital page, here is a YouTube link:

My experience with this song was a bit more magical – dark room, Glen on stage, resonant, with nothing but a guitar, several spotlights, and surrounding shadows. Unfortunately, the full experience of this song is not going to be available for a while, owing to a terrible accident – I wanted to cry when I read about this… speedy recovery, Mr. Phillips.