Monthly Archives: September 2008

Open mic. And other weekend adventures.

Friday night I went to an open mic at Borders in Folsom. Weston & I played a song – guitar, fiddle, two vocals. This is unusual. It’s not terribly unusual for him, he’s played at open mic nights before… but it’s unusual for me. For me, a more “usual” experience with an open mic would include me showing up after being convinced by someone to go, sitting there, not enjoying it very much, and making fun of people. Friday night was different. The people were nice. There were a lot of them. And there was a sense of community there, in the Borders, that I haven’t experienced very much lately. A few people that see each other every so often, enjoying a night of good music together. And the music really was good, I have to say. I liked it. That’s right. I liked it.

I don’t know what this means for me, Internet. Maybe I’ve gone soft. Maybe I’m going to be one of “those” people. One of the people who goes to an open mic night and doesn’t hate it. Or maybe this open mic was special. But it really meant something to me. I felt like more of a whole person after Friday night.

Saturday I spent a whole lot of time & money on my car. I’ve been neglecting it… there was steel showing through the rubber on my left front tire, I needed an oil change, there’s a rock chip in the windshield, and I haven’t done any of the recommended services since I bought it. Oh, and there was a bunch of Diet Coke that had splattered all over the back during the great Diet Coke Explosion that happened earlier this year. (Turns out you shouldn’t leave a bunch of cans of Diet Coke in your car once it gets above a certain temperature…)

So I started the day cleaning out the Diet Coke, and organizing the stuff in the back of my car so it all fits in one nice bin with a lid. Then I drove up to Placerville and began my Satuday Adventure in Car Maintenance. By the end of the day (and $800 later), the Subaru had four shiny new tires, new oil, new transmission fluid, a new fuel filter, a car wash, clean windows, and a shampoo on the passenger side (where the olive oil spilled). My car is happier now. I could almost feel the sigh of relief from the Subaru when I turned it on after the oil & the fluid & filter changes. And it’s driving straight again, so that’s a big hooray. I can’t believe how much I spent… but I’m glad there are other people who will do the dirty, messy work for me so I can keep driving my lovely, lovely car.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to go to work… I still feel gross. My ears hurt every time I drive up the hill and I’m coughing up stuff from my lungs now. But hey. My company needs me. So to work I will go. And with that, good night, Internet.


Sneeze into the sleeve – don’t let the coworkers see the snot fly. Try to look alert while someone drones on and on about things that don’t matter as your brain struggles to keep up. Keep the cheer in the voice and try not to sniff too much on the other end of the phone. Let your eyes water up occasionally so you can keep staring at the computer screen. Try and decide whether being sick is enough to justify using your sick time… or if workplace theater demands your attendance until your illness becomes life-threatening.

Four airplanes, a family reunion full of kids, airports, hotels, and handshakes. Think about the weekend and where it came from – then realize it doesn’t really matter. What you really have to do is decide what to do about it.

So far, I have chosen to fight my illness by playing Battle of Wesnoth and watching mindless television. It probably won’t help me get better, but I don’t have energy for anything else. I’m debating whether I can make it all the way up the stairs to go to sleep, or if I should just close my eyes and give up now.