Monthly Archives: March 2008

So… here’s the story. From A to Z.

From the Music I Am Ashamed To Admit I Like department: I offer you…



That’s right. I used to listen to it. The whole album. Daily. I had it on a little cassette that I would stick in my Sony Walkman (back when I still had a Sony Walkman) when I went jogging. (Back when I still went jogging). Now, I have to say… there’s only part of me that is ashamed of this. Part of me is PROUD TO SAY:


Maybe that’s the part of me that secretly wants to wear a skin-tight sparkly dress and dance around in shoes that I could break an ankle in. Because nothing says “sexy” like a broken ankle. Think about it.


It’s a fine, early spring morning.  It’s cool outside right now – but I know it will warm up later.  The trees have exploded with blossoms, suddenly, and without warning… and I’m at my computer desk, writing.

In a few minutes, I’ll go upstairs, blow-dry my hair (I’m sitting here with a wet head, so the fine,  early spring morning  seems especially cool), and finish getting ready for the day.  But for now, I’m here.  Writing.

What’s in a blog?  What does it really mean?  I thought a lot about that last night, while I was laying in my bed, unable to sleep.  I think I missed a big part of the meaning when I casually drop.tabled my old blog (“little Bobby Tables, we call him”).  I was thinking that a blog was just sort of a lark, a place where I could casually drop a few words, and someone would read it, or no one would, something that passed and was gone, each entry like a random shape in the clouds.  But now I feel like there’s a hole there, where there should be a record of some really good times.

So it is with a mix of emotions that I present to you… Shauna’s Blog 3.0.  (That’s right.  That blog you read before was actually Shauna’s Blog 2.0.  Sneaky internet users will be able to find Shauna’s Blog 1.0… which I have been unable to delete since I lost the password AND access to the e-mail account with which it was created…)

That’s it.  I’m here, Internet.  Good morning.